CV-controlled voltage mapper and waveshaper
  • Process from DC to full audio range
  • Unipolar/bipolar input mode switch
  • Nominal & clip level LEDs
  • Output signal LED
  • Input gain setting for nominal level setting, allows clean flat clipping when overdriven
  • Five manual voltage mapping potentiometers
  • Five CV control of the voltage mapping points
  • Simultaneously active unipolar and bipolar outputs
  • Settings restored after power cycle
  • Firmware update via a simple audio file
  • Compact and skiff-friendly module
  • User manual in English and German

The Flexshaper is a highly versatile module when it comes to modify evolving voltages in other directions and levels.
Five settings allow you to fold/expand/clip/compress/invert partially or completely any CV or audio signal.
The module can act as an envelope-shaping tool, frequency multiplier, waveshaper, clipper, distortion, limiter, curve changer, and more.
Five CV inputs offer limitless control over the placement of the voltage points for dynamic signal sculpting.

Birth of the product

The idea of the Flexshaper comes from a feature in the Oberheim® Matrix synthesizers called Tracking Generator.
This signal processor was part of the modulation matrix and meant to be virtually inserted between modulation sources and destinations in order to change the shape of the controlling signal.
The Flexshaper applies the same concept using the same 5 shaping points. However, it goes beyond Oberheim’s implementation on two main aspects:
  • It goes fast enough to process signals at full audio rate
  • The 5 points are dynamically adjustable (CV) in real-time
Besides, the Flexshaper can process adequately bipolar and unipolar Eurorack signals, even chnging them one another.


Dimensions mm inches Eurorack
Height 128.40 5.06 3HE
Width 30.00 1.18 6HP
Depth behind panel
(with supply cable inserted)
21.00 0.83


Supply rail Current draw
+12V 6mA
-12V 7mA
+5V 32mA

I just got the Klavis Flexshaper and it’s really fantastic.
Like being able to take a scalpel and perform wave surgery.
Lots of wave shaping fun.
... but NONE [of those competitors is] directly --& powerfully-- implemented as the FLEXSHAPER is...
I could use four of these!

The Klavis Flexshaper can drastically alter the shape of an envelope (or lfo, audio waveform, etc) with interesting and useful results.
CV for each stage (voltage mapping point), unipolar or bipolar.

Klavis Flexshaper is another crazy non-traditional shaper of waves - like a funhouse mirror for incoming signals
Another favourite that doesn't get mentioned much is the klavis flexshaper, I use it way more than I thought I would, as a general CV remapper and utility, very very useful.


Overall presentation
by Detroit-Berlin

by Sunday Afternoon Modular

Detailed presentation by Marcin.
by Marcin
  • 00:00 Overall concept
  • 01:42 How it works
  • 03:30 In use: basic waveshaping
  • 06:39 Frequency doubling
  • 07:08 Waveshaping audio with CV
  • 08:53 Waveshaping audio with audio
  • 09:18 It talks !?
  • 09:37 Waveshaping audio with audio+CV
  • 10:30 Complex VCO from any VCO
  • 11:03 Shaping LFOs and envelopes
  • 14:28 Modulate envelopes with audio
  • 15:10 Shaping the classic ADSR
  • 16:08 Changing a melody with CV
  • 17:45 Conclusion

Flexshaper modulating the Twin Waves MKII waveshapes

Pedro Eustache is using two Flexshaper modules, one to process the expression of his wind controller, the second to change the wave produced by the VCO he plays. The sound is captured live in the room , with the mechanical clicks of the instrument's keys.

More from Pedro Eustache using a pair of Flexshaper modules.
He is member of music composer Hans Zimmer's soloists group and plays live with his modular setup.

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