2x4 Multiple

Dual section passive multiple
  • Two independent groups of 4 jacks
  • Distribute a signal up to 3 destinations twice
  • Useable for ORing the Klavis logic modules' outputs
  • High quality aluminium panel with scratch-rsistant printing
  • Fits elegantly in a Klavis setup within the border sides of the surrounding modules

A multiple is a required utility sitting efficiently next to modules whose signals should be dispatched to more than a single destination. This a passive module that doesn't require a supply connection.
Surprisingly, a multiple could also be used with Klavis logic modules (Logica XT and Two Bits) for additional OR logic. Indeed, these modules allow their outputs to be ORed by simply connecting them together. With 4 jacks in a section of the multiple, 3 inputs to to 1 output and 2 inputs to two destinations are both feasible. Beware that such direct ORing feature might not be available with other brands of modules!


Dimensions mm inches Eurorack
Height 128.40 5.06 3HE
Width 10.00 0.39 2HP
Depth behind panel 13.00 0.51


Supply rail Current draw
+12V 0mA
-12V 0mA
+5V 0mA


Really? Nooo ;-)

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